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All about ribbons!

All about ribbons!

Introducing our brand new beautiful recycled ribbons. They are so luxurious you really wouldn't know that they're recycled. Not your average ribbon, these beauties are woven with yarns made from 100% used plastic bottles that are collected via recycling points within mainland Europe. 

Gift wrapped with mi casa wrapping paper and multiple ribbons

The bottles are thoroughly cleaned then broken down into smaller plastic elements before being melted back into a liquid form and converted into the resulting yarns. The yarns are certified by the Global Recycled Standard and also by Oeko Tex which is the global industry standard for textiles.

Aside from tying around beautiful presents here are just a few simple ways to use these gorgeous ribbons. 

Beige ribbon in hair

In your hair
I adore a ribbon tied into a simple ponytail, it feels so romantic to me , and I can't resist tying big Railway Children style bows into my daughters locks (much to their annoyance!)

Pink ribbon around a bunch of rosemary

Wrapped around bundles of herbs
We have a huge rosemary bush in garden which I regularly gather bunches of it for friends to cook and bake with. When we've had lots of rain and the bush becomes rather too rambling I put a crate outside our house filled with bundles of ribbon tied bunches for people to take.

Table styling
There are so many ways to make your table look so beautiful with the addition of a few ribbons. I love tying the napkins with the cutlery inside together with the ribbon in a big beautiful bow. You also could tie the ribbons round the base of candle holders, sewn into the edges of table runners, or round the base of a deliciously decadent cake.

Glass bottle of flowers with a ribbon tied around it

Tied around bottles or jam jars
Homemade jams, chutneys and homegrown flowers are instantly made all the more special when tied with our silky ribbons. I love tying ribbons around things as little gifts for people just because. I'm sure there are hundreds of other ways you could use these ribbons,  I'd love to see how you use them, please tag me @thecoralpaperie so I can see!
Happy wrapping!





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