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All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

I love wrapping gifts. There's something so wonderfully mindful about the careful creasing of the paper and the simple but savoured choices made for ribbons and trimmings. Once you've taken time to choose a thoughtful gift it makes sense to wrap it with the same sentiment.

Here are a few easy ideas for extra touches that will give your gifts an extra layer of loveliness. 

Vintage lace

If you're a trimmings hoarder like I am, this is for you. The delicate lace designs and warm white will add the most elegant touch to so many gifts, I love it here with my olive green wrap. Don't be afraid to layer up vintage lace with thinner ribbons and trims, sometimes more is more!

Fresh flowers

I love adding flowers picked from my garden to gifts as it's such a lovely little gift in itself. It needn't be blooms if you don't have any, leaves, feathers or herbs all give a fragrant and frilly edge to your gifts.

Dried elements

Orange or apple slices - these give the most delicious scent adding a sensory element to your gift. I often do this at Christmas but I think the citrus scent is perfect for summer too. Dried flowers also work brilliantly, drying flowers is such a lovely thing to do to ensure you can have some flowers all year round, and having a dried supply means you can pop some on a present or create mini posies whenever you fancy.

For Kids

There will be no greater recipient than a child that has a special extra added to their gift! You know the thing about kids always liking the wrapping more that the present? Well these two ideas take this to the next level! Firstly there is a small set of watercolour pencils washi-taped onto the gift to use with the craft kit inside. I always love the look of a fresh set of colouring pencils and the inspiration it can bring and I know the little recipient would feel the same! The colourful pencils look so nice against my black and white Engravia floral wrapping paper.

These little additions added to the kids presents could be clues as to what the gift is, or simply a little extra present. The next idea is a swirly lollipop slipped through the ribbon on the top of the gift. I often loop candy canes through kids presents at Christmas and they're always met with big smiles. Keeping all the ribbons and trimmings from gifts received means you can dip into the recycled trimmings again and again, so that the lovely additions can be cherished more than once, making it a creative, ethical and sustainable way to wrap your gifts.

I'd love to know if you try out any of these ideas, please let me know in the comments or tag me on social media so I can have a look!

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